Sort Right with RLSort

Handout for JALTCALL 2001 Presentation

Kanto Gakuen University (May 26-27), Ota Shi, Gumma 373

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10-546 DELAS, Sophia University, Tokyo 102-8554

What is it?

RLSort is a freeware program of about 350 KB, for Windows 95J, 98J, and 200J. (When run in an English OS, the few Japanese characters that are on Windows message buttons appear distorted, but the program itself runs fine.)  I wrote this program primarily to sort texts Right to Left (hence RLSort) and to create sentence lists, two features that I couldn't find in similar programs.  RLSort helps you find "eye-rhymes" and sort URLs and email addresses by domain names.  Sentence lists can be used for making sentence-based databases.

What does it do?

l         Sorts an ASCII text from left to right or from right to left

l         Sorts in ascending or descending order

l         Makes word lists from an ASCII passage

l         Makes Kanji lists from a Japanese ASCII passage

l         Makes sentence lists (with a blank line separator) from an ASCII passage


l         Exports sections through clipboard

l         Saves or prints output

l         Searches for a word or phrase

l         Allows font-resizing and color-changing

l         Allows menu-option as well as tool-bar-button commands

l         Allows listing of word frequency

l         Allows delimiter changes

l         Allows one-line-per-sentence display

Where can you get it?


Read the ReadMe.txt
Download one of the following two files only (Both contain identical files):
Download the Self-Extracting Zip file RLS.EXE
Download the Zip file (You'll have to unzip with WinZip or such software) RLS.ZIP

If you like to have an unzipped version, download the following files instead of the ones above.

The main executable file: RLSort.Exe
A sample text file (Alice):"Alice" Chapter 8
A sample email address file: EmailAdr.txt
A sample file of Web URLs: URLSample.txt

A sample Japanese file (Xavier): JSample.txt