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Commemorating the 450th Anniversary of Xavier's Arrival in Japan
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Xavier the Mystic William Johnston, S.J. Xavier the Mystic [PDF] Added on June, 5, 2014
Great Martyrdom of Edo Hubert Cieslik, S.J. The Great Martyrdom in Edo 1623: Its Causes, Course, & Consequences [PDF] Added on June, 9, 2012
Britto & Cusumano On Klaus Luhmer Francis Britto & Jerry Cusumano:: Klaus Luhmer, Chancellor of Sophia University [PDF] Added on June, 12, 2010
Cieslik, H., Blessed Sebastian Kimura (1565-1622) Added on June, 12, 2010 Hubert Cieslik, S.J. EJMJ11: Blessed Sebastian Kimura (1565-1622) [PDF] Added on June, 12, 2010
Cieslik, H. Blessed Charles Spinola (1564-1622) Added on June, 12, 2010 Hubert Cieslik, S.J. EJMJ10: Blessed Charles Spinola (1564-1622) [PDF] Added on June, 12, 2010
Cieslik, H. Father Diego Carvalho (1578-1624): A Sendai Martyr; Added on June, 12, 2010 Hubert Cieslik, S.J. EJMJ09: Father Diego Carvalho (1578-1624): A Sendai Martyr [PDF] Added on June, 12, 2010
Cieslik, H. The Case of Christovao Ferreira; Added on May, 7, 2010 Hubert Cieslik, S.J. The Case of Christovao Ferreira. The true story behind Endo Shusaku's best-selling novel Silence.[PDF] Added on May, 7, 2010
Siemes, J., The Bombing of Hiroshima; Added on June 12, 2010 John Siemes, S.J. The Bombing of Hiroshima: Report from an eye-witness [PDF] Added on June 12,2010
Cieslik, H. Day of Destruction; Added on Aug, 12, 2009 Hubert Cieslik, S.J. Day of Destruction: An Eye-Witness Account of the A-Bomb over Hiroshima[PDF] Added on Feb, 14, 2009
ChiesaOnFlynn; Added on Feb, 14, 2009 Robert Chiesa, S.J. Robert Flynn, S.J. Teacher, Pastor, and Missionary [PDF] Added on Feb, 14, 2009
Hirabayashi_4Jesuits; Added on Nov, 13, 2008 Fuyuki Hirabayashi, S.J. Four Jesuits of Japan to be Beatified [PDF]
Cieslik EJMJ08_Jerome De Angelis; Added on July 2, 2008 Hubert Cieslik, S.J. EJMJ08: Jerome de Angelis (1568-1623): First Missionary in Hokkaido [PDF]
Cieslik EJMJ07_Rodriguez; Added on June 21, 2008 Hubert Cieslik, S.J. EJMJ07: Joao Rodriguez (1561-1632): "The Interpreter" [PDF]
Britto, Francis. Oblak; Added on April 15, 2007 Francis Britto Fr. Tadeusz Oblak, SJ: A Canon Lawyer with a Tender Heart (1922-2006). [PDF]
Michael Cooper, Spiritual Saga, Added on August 29, 2006 Michael Cooper Spiritual Saga: The Japanese Mission to Europe, 1582-1590 [PDF]
MizunoeYuichi_ArrivalOfAesop's Fables in Japan; Added on December 29, 2005 Yuichi Midzunoe Aesop's Arrival in Japan in the 1590s [PDF]
MizunoeIkuko_BookControversies; Added on November 12, 2005 Ikuko Midzunoe The Battle of the Books: Christian and Anti-Christian Tracts in the Early 17th Century [PDF]
Cieslik EJMJ06_Organtino; Added on November 2, 2005 Hubert Cieslik, S.J. EJMJ06: Soldo Organtino: Architect of the Japanese Mission [PDF]
Cieslik EJMJ05_Valignano; Added on October 27, 2005 Hubert Cieslik, S.J. EJMJ05: Alessandro Valignano: Pioneer in Adaptation [PDF]
Cieslik EJMJ04_Frois; Added on October 22, 2005 Hubert Cieslik, S.J. EJMJ04: Louis Frois: Historian of the Mission [PDF]
Cieslik EJMJ03 Gaspar Vilela; Added on October 16, 2005 Hubert Cieslik, S.J. EJMJ03: Gaspar Vilela: The Apostle of Miyako [PDF]
Cieslik EJMJ02 Hubert Cieslik, S.J. EJMJ02: Balthasar Gago and Japanese Christian Terminology [PDF]
Cieslik EJMJ01 Hubert Cieslik, S.J. EJMJ01: St. Francis Xavier [PDF]
Tale from Nagasaki Dermot Brangan, S.J. A Tale from Nagasaki [PDF]
Jesuit Prayers Jesuits and others Jesuit Prayers
Downes Article Patrick Downes Kakure Kirishitan (Hidden Christians) [PDF]
Flynn Booklet Robert M. Flynn, S.J. Martyrs of the Meiji Era (PDF)
Laures Booklet John Laures, S.J. St. Francis Xavier At Yamaguchi
Yuki Booklet Diego Yuki, S.J. The Martyrs' Hill Nagasaki [PDF]
Endo's Article Shusaku Endo Kirishitan and Today [PDF]
Cooper's Article Michael Cooper The First Meeting between Japan and the West [PDF]
Vara Book in English Jose M. Vara, S.J. A Navarrese in Yamaguchi
Obara Booklet 1 Satoru Obara, S.J. Christianity and the Historical Climate of Japan
Obara Booklet 2 Satoru Obara, S.J. Society of Jesus in the Kirishitan Era in Japan.
Mathy On Xavier Francis Mathy, S.J. Francis Xavier: Guide To The 21st-Century Missionary [PDF]
Eceizabarrena On Xavier Thomas Eceizabarrena, S.J. Reflections on Xavier
Eceizabarrena On Xavier エセイザバレナ・トマス神父 (Thomas Eceizabarrena) 聖フランシスコ・ザビエル (Japanese Translation of "Reflections On Xavier.")
Symposium98 Symposium 98 Papers: St. Francis Xavier An Apostle of the East.
Compendium Pedro Gomez, S.J. Compendium Catholicae Veritatis
Jesuit HQ in Rome Jesuit Headquarters, Rome
Related Varia Related Varia: News, Photos, Articles, etc. from Non-Jesuit Sources

WallPaper: Embossed image of "Xavier preaching in Kagoshima" by Yugo Akuzawa, Nagasaki, 1972

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