Takashi IROHARA,  Dr. Eng.                                         in Japanese

Professor,  Sophia University

·         Department of Information and Communication Sciences,
Faculty of Science and Technology,

o    Office: 7-1 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-8554 JAPAN

·         Research Interests

o    Production and logistics system

o    Supply chain management/ Relief supply chain management

o    Facility logistics, Material handling, Order picking in warehouse

o    Production Scheduling, Inventory control

·         Society Memberships

o    IIE: Institute of Industrial Engineers (USA)

o    INFORMS: Institute for Operations Research and Management Science (USA)

o    The Japan Industrial Management Association (JIMA)

o    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME)

o    The Operations Research Society of Japan (ORSJ)

o    The Scheduling Society of Japan (SSJ)

·         Lecturers

o    Systems Engineering (in the Graduate School of Science and Technology)

o    Operations Research 

o    Production Engineering

o    Management Statistics (in the School of Economics)

·         Research Publications

o    Papers

o    International Conference

·         Education

o    Doctor of Engineering, 1998  Waseda University, Graduate School of Science and Engineering

o    Master of Engineering, 1995  Waseda University, Graduate School of Science and Engineering

o    Bachelor of Engineering, 1993  Waseda University, School of Science and Engineering