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Kensuke Hayashi, PhD


Department of Materials and Life Sciences,
Faculty of Science and Technology, Sophia Univerity,
7-1 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-8554, JAPAN

JT Biohistory Research Hall, Scientist Library

“Œ‹ž‘ĺŠw‘ĺŠw‰@—ŠwŒnŒ¤‹†‰Č“Ž•¨ŠwęU”ŽŽm‰Ű’öC—ši…–ěä•v‹łŽöj 1988 Degree of D. Sc. in Developmental Biology
Zoological Institute, Faculty of Science, University of Tokyo.
‘—§¸__ŒoƒZƒ“ƒ^[_ŒoŒ¤‹†Š—Ź“ŽŒ¤‹†ˆőiŹ‘ň‚Ś‚˘“ń˜Y•”’ˇj 1988 Post-doc. National Institute of Neuroscience, NCNP
‘—§¸__ŒoƒZƒ“ƒ^[_ŒoŒ¤‹†ŠŒ¤‹†ˆőiŹ‘ň‚Ś‚˘“ń˜Y•”’ˇj 1989 Researcher. National Institute of Neuroscience, NCNP
ŒQ”n‘ĺŠwˆăŠw•”•Žči”’”ö’q–ž‹łŽöj 1993 Research Associate. Gunma University School of Medicine.
ŒQ”n‘ĺŠwś‘Ě’˛ßŒ¤‹†Š•‹łŽöi‚“c–Mş‹łŽöAŒ´“c˛G‹łŽöj 1998 Associate Professor.
Institute for Molecular and Cellular Regulation, Gunma University
ă’q‘ĺŠw—HŠw•”‹łŽö 2004 Professor. Faculty of Science and Technology, Sophia University

Selected Papers Images
Kawabata W, Yonezawa S, Hayashi K. (2012)
Rear-side Localization of the Centrosome in Migrating Neuroblastoma Neuro-2a Cells and Its Roles in Process Elongation.
Develop. Neurosci.

Ohama,Y. and Hayashi,K. (2009)
Relocalization of a microtubule-anchoring protein, ninein, from the centrosome to dendrites during differentiation of mouse neurons.
Histochem. Cell Biol. 132:515-524.

Takahashi,D., Yu,W., Baas,P.W., Kawai-Hirai,R., and Hayashi,K. (2007)
Rearrangement of Microtubule Polarity Orientation during Conversion of Dendrites to Axons in Cultured Pyramidal Neurons.
Cell Motil. Cytoskel. 64:347-359

Hayashi,K., Kawai-Hirai,R., Harada,A. and Takata,K. (2003)
Inhibitory neurons from fetal rat cerebral cortex exert delayed axon formation and active migration in vitro.
J. Cell Science 116:4419-4428.

Hayashi,K., and Shirao,T. (1999)
Change in the shape of dendritic spines caused by overexpression of drebrin in cultured cortical neurons.
J. Neurosci. 19:3918-3925

Hayashi,K., Ishikawa,R., Ye,L-H., He,X-L., Takata,K., Kohama,K. and Shirao,T. (1996)
Modulatory role of drebrin on the cytoskeleton within dendritic spines in the rat cerebral cortex.
J. Neurosci. 16:7161-7170.

Hayashi,K. and Ozawa,E. (1995)
Myogenic cell migration from somites is induced by tissue contact with the medial region of the presumptive limb mesoderm in chicken embryos.
Development 121:661-669.

Hayashi,K., Yasugi,S. and Mizuno,T. (1988)
Pepsinogen gene transcription induced in heterologous epithelial-mesenchymal recombinants of chicken endoderms and glandular stomach mesenchyme.
Development 103:725-731.