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Yutaka Tanaka
Professor, the Department of Philosophy, Sophia University,

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President of the Japan Society for Process Studies
President of the
Japan Society for Buddhist Christian Studies


From Paradox to Reality Kouro-sha, Kyoto,1993
Whitehead Koudan-sha, Tokyo, 1998
(Japanese)(Chinese version 2000)

(readable in English)

Philosophy of Nothingness and Process Theology  PDF

Hayathology and Whitehead's Process Philosophy   PDF

Irreversibility and Reciprocity in the Divine-Human Relationship

The Principle of Relativity and Process Cosmology PDF

The Problem of the Indeterminate Past in Quantum Physics and Whitehead's Epochal Theory of Time    PDF

Bell's Theorem and the Theory of Relativity

Einstein and Whitehead

Process Philosophy and Modern Physics

(readable only in Japanese) 
 Lectures at the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies (PDF)

the Logic of Place and the criticism of "Religion"


the Encounter of Christianity with Buddhism and the Philosophy of Creative Transformation

On Nature and Grace  


Personal and Impersonal characteristics of the Absolute-the coincidence of the most personal with the most universal

the Philosophy of Nothingness and Christianity 


Creativity of Absolute Noithingness and the contradictory Self-Identity: From Nishida's Philosophy to Theology of Historical Process

Open Lectures at Sophia University

共生の智を求めてー文学での人文的学びのために (2013-9-16)
Enquiry into the wisdom of Coexistence (sapientia Convivendi)-for the learned ignorance at the faculty of Humanities

Open Lectures on Philosophical Logic (video-lectures 2013 Spring)

The Form of the Formless, the Voice of the Voiceless-Japanese Spirituality and Christianity
Lecture at the Sophia Philosophical Society, 2012

Nishida's Philosophy and Christianity
Lecture at the Institute of Christian Culture,Sophia University, 2012

Letures at the Japan Society for Philosophy of Science

The Meaning of Relativity
Lecture at the Symposium commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Theory of Relativity, at Tokyo University

Science-Religion-Philosophy: Tanabe Hajime's Philosophy of Science and Religion
Lecture at the Japan Society of Philosophy,
Tokyo University, 1997

Art and Life

桃李歌壇Website of Touri-Kadan for co-creating Japanese traditional linked-poems and Haiku

場所の詩学 PDF 
Poetics of Place and the Art of Creative Intersubjectivity
Open Lecture at the First Annual Meeting of Nishida Philocophical Society

The Weight of Life:Literature of Resurrected Life and Ethics of Life and Medical Healing