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Academic Positions

 Professor, Department of Management, Sophia University (2019-)
 Associate Professor, Department of Management, Sophia University (2012-2019)
 Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Sophia University (2008-2012)

 Visiting Scholar, the ESADE Law and Business School, Barcelona, Spain (2023-2024)
 Visiting Scholar, Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance, Luxemburg University, Luxemburg. (2017)
 Visiting Scholar, Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy (ICS), Hitotsubashi University, Japan. (2017)
 Visiting Scholar, Department of Management, Ca’Foscari University, Venice, Italy (2016-2017)


 Field: Consumer psychology, consumer behavior, global brand management
 Interests: Consumers brand attitude, cultural difference in cognition, emotion and consumer behavior

 *Currently serving as a guest editor at Italian Journal of Marketing
 Special Issue: AI-driven technology disruption in the global fashion ecosystem

  Journal articles

 Togawa,Taku, and Yoko Sugitani (2022), Looks Far Beyond My Reach: The Zoom Effect in Product Videos Influences Luxury Perception and Purchase Intention, 32(4), 687-698.Journal of Consumer Psychology.

 Quoidbach, Jordi, Yoko Sugitani, James Gross, Maxime Taquet and Satoshi Akutsu (2019), From Affect to Action: How Pleasure Shapes Everyday Decisions in Japan and the U.S. Motivation and Emotion,43, 948-955.

 Sugitani, Yoko (2018) The Effect of Self- and Public-based Evaluations on Brand Purchasing: The Interplay of Independent and Interdependent Self-construal. Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 30(4), 235-243. DOI: 10.1080/08961530.2018.1428920

  Recent conference presentations in English
Sugitani, Yoko (2022). Social Behavior is Sustainable Behavior: How Social Inclusion Enhances Conscious Consumption. AMA Summer Academic Conference, Chicago, IL., August 11-14th.

Sugitani, Yoko & Taku Togawa (2020) Cognitive Order Theory: "Zoom-in" vs. "Zoom-out" Cognitions Affect Preference for Visual Information. Society for Consumer Psychology, Huntington Beach, U.S., 5-7 March.

Sugitani, Yoko & Tian Fu (2019) The Effect of Social Exclusion on Attitudes Toward Ingroup and Outgroup Brands: The Role of Affiliation Motive and Self-Construal. Association for Consumer Research, Atlanta, U.S., 16-20 October.

Sugitani, Yoko (2019) Centrality of Self-based Evaluation in Attitude: Effects of Construal-level and Self-consciousness. 2019 American Psychological Association meeting, Chicago, IL, the U.S., 8-11 August.

Sugitani, Yoko (2019) Abstract Mindsets Lead Consumers to Value Self-based Evaluation in Purchase Decision Making. International Convention of Psychological Science, Paris, France, 7-9 March.

Sugitani, Yoko & Riccardo Rialti (2018) The Interactive Moderating Role of Self-Esteem and Independent Self-Construal on Brand Evaluations: A Cross-National Study. Global Marketing Conference, Tokyo, Japan, 26-28 July.

Sugitani, Yoko & Taku Togawa (2017) Psychological Distance and Gender of Endorsers in Advertising: Moderating Effect of Self-relevance, the 15th European Congress of Psychology, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, July 11-14,2017.


 Ph.D. Hitotsubashi University, 2008 (Social Science)
 M.A. Hitotsubashi University, 2004 (Social Science)
 B.A. Keio University, 2002 (Commerce)

Doctoral dissertation

Sugitani, Yoko (2008). The Study of Communicating Intentions and Emotions via Computers: The Role of Nonverbal Cues on Message Interpretation, Graduate School of Social Science, Hitotsubashi University, March 2008.

Yoko Sugitani

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