Albert William Hansard (1831-1866)

Publisher, Printer and Proprietor for
The Nagasaki Shipping List and Advertiser, Japan Herald

August,1995 Compiled by Yuga Suzuki (Sophia University)

*Newly found out from 1992-93 and 1995 Research at UK, and Australia and New Zealand
? Still not clear


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England, UK

*1821/1/22 Born at Salisbury Square, London. As the second son of, Thomas Curson Hansard and Mary<Palmby>, his second wife.[St.Andrew Church Record, Guidlhall Library]

    T.C.Hansard (1776-1833)= the eldest son of Luke Hansard(1752-1828)

*1821/3/13 Baptized at St.Andrew, Holborn.[St.Andrew Church Record, Guidlhall Library][International Genealogical Index]

1833/5/14  Father, T.C.Hansard died.

?1835-42  Terms for his apprenticeship to printer

*1843/9/21  Married with Elizabeth Percivalaged 19, a daughter of Robert Percival, brewer and coach proprietor, at Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire. [OPCS Marriage Certification/Dr.K.Thompson, Hertfordshire Council Archivist]

*1844/7/11 Mary Elizabeth, the eldest daughter, born at St.Mary Newington, Surry.[OPCS Birth Certification]

*1846/12/13  Robert Percival, the eldest son, born at Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire. [OPCS Birth Certification] [International Genealogical Index]

*1847/5/28  His eldest son, Rovert Percival died at Regents Park, Middlesex. [OPCS Death Certification]

*1847/7/13 His wife, Elizabeth died, aged 21 at Regent Park, Middlesex. [OPCS Death Certification] Both address was 84 Park Street.

*1848/11/5 Departured Gravesend for Auckland on the ship, Lalla Rookh, a barque, 373 tons, Captain Hains. [Times, Nov.6, 1848]



*1849/4/18  Arrived in Auckland.[Southern Cross (SC) April 21, p.2, Passengers List shows "Messrs.Hansard and 1 child."]

*1850/1/15  SC advertised his general agent's opening, House Estate and General Agent, Queen St"[SC Jan.15]  

1850/10/12  Married with Jane<Jennings> at Auclkand.

*1850.3.28  Auckland Mechanics' Institute (AMI) mentioned his name as lectute for "The History and Practice Art of Printing" and as Hon.Sec.[SC Mar.29, p.2] His Agent moved to Lower Queen St.

*1851.2.7  SC reported the general meeting of the AMI, of which Hansard was admired on his graet contribution to the reorganization of AMI. This is the firs and only general articl about him, except his business advertisemnts or notices, asa far as knowninto public.[SC Feb.10, pp.2-3]

*1851.5.27  Hansard attended the ceremony for the Majesty's Birthday. [SC May 27, p.2] Recorded as real estate agent, auctioner;1850,51 Queen Street, House & Land Agent; 1852 Bank Street, House & Land Agent; 1853 Princes Street, House & Land Agent)[Annual Auckland Jury List]

*1851.9  "Hon.Secretary" of AMI became "Secreary" [SC Sept.6] SC of July 9 noted his resignation with his "Acting Hon.Sec." and holding a sepcial meeting but afterwards no report found out on the SC

*1852.1.19  Hansard founded HANSARD & BROOKFIELD, general accountants and Referees, with Mr. Frederic M.P.Brookfield. [SC Jan.20]

*1852.3.25  Born second son, Albert Francis.[SC Mar.26] He married with M.D.Macdonald later. [Hansard Family Papers, A554]

*1852.6.10  Dissoloved HANSARD & BROOKFIELD [SC June 11]

*1852.7.13  Secretary for Auckalnd Association (-1858?) and Hon.Sec.of Auckland Whale Co.[SC July 10]

*1855.3.1   Born his third son, Arhtur Charles [Hansard Family Papers, A554]

*1857.4.1   Jane Hansard died.[SC April3, reported her death "on the 1-2insatan, at Evenwood, Grafton Road, Jane, the beloved wife of Albert William Hansard, aged 42." 

*1858    Secretary to Auckland Club [SC july 6]

1859-1860.8  Secretary for the NZ Insurance Co. founded then. Be appointed to the office of secretary (-1860.8.14) [NZ Insurance Co.Files/Bold Century 1859-1959]

*1860.8.17   SC advertised an auction on the 17th

*1860.8.21   SC advertised an auction sale "at Hansard Hoseu, near the Windmill(Symonds Street this day."

*1861.5     His name was deleted from the List of Voters for Electorial district of Parnell for "not resident in the District(Symonds-streer)by the Registration Office.[SC May 7]

*1863     City of Auckland Electoral Roll in 1863 still shows him, "as leaseholder of part of allotment 69, section 36, in Symonds Street"  

? In Japan A.W.Hansard is said to have been some relations with a NZ newspaper Southern Cross (22 May, 1843-16 May, 1862, Auckland). But no findes out that he was connected with any printign or publishing the paper while his life in Auckland.

?When Moved to Japan Moved from Auckland to (Australia)-(Shanghai) to Nagasaki, Japan. From the lte 1860 to early 1861 his name was missing. Never listed on outward shipping lists to overseas / Sydney/Shanghai from Auckland, and inward passengers list to Sydney from Auckland, outward from Sydney to overseas of SC, Sydney Morning Herald betweem July 1860 and May 1861.

Nagasaki, JAPAN

1860/12/26  Hansard regitered at 31 lot of the Nagasaki Foreign Sttlement estblished this year.

1861/1-2   North Chaine Herald (NCH published inShanghai) reports some often his name on the shipping list between Hongkong and Shanghai.

1861/4   Report of the Nagasaki Foreign Settlement as of April 8 shows, "A.W.Hansard, born at London, aged 41, editor and printer" out of some twenty Englishmen.

1861/5/18 NCH advertises "A bi-weekly newspaper named the Nagasaki Shipping will be established by soon. Cost could be $2 per month. NCH is a agent for the new paper."

1861/5/31  G.S.Morrison, British counsulate general of Nagasaki sends a correspondence to the Nagasaki saying that A.W.Hansard plans to establish a newspaper there and offers to introduce apprenticeship to printing practices for the Japanese.

1861/6/22 Hansard published an English-language newspaper The Nagasaki Shipping List and Advertiser, the first modern newspaper at Nagasaki Foreign Settlement in Japan. (No.1-28, unitl October 1 1861). Existing papers only no.3-28 held by the Colindale Newspaper Library, London, UK. The library has no records for the acquisition.

1861/7/6  NCH reports, the first number of Nagasaki Shipping List was issued on the date of June 22.

1861/11/23  Hansard moved to Yokohama, a newly opened port for trade, and published a weekly newspaper, The Japan Herald.

1862/2    Japan Herald published by the name of "Hansard and Keele Co."

1863/2-8 About three months the paper were not published, the reason unknown.

1863/11/26  Japan Herald published a daily ad-paper, The Daily Japan Herald.

1864/11/3   John Reddie Black, a Scotch from Australia, joined as a co-proprietor of Japan Herad.

1864/11/11  Black became a representative for Hansard.

1865/4/26   Black became a partner in the business of Japan Herald. The name of the company became "Hansard and Black."

1865/7 or 8  Hansard returned to England, Eleanor (433t). The reason unknwon( health?) [JH Augsut 5]

*1865/12/7  Eleanor arrived at Gravesend via Montreal. [Times December 8]

*1865/5/5   Hansard died at 19 Upper Berkely Street, Maryllebone, Middlesex, London. 45 years old, for "scarlet fever."  [OPCS Death Certification/ Times May 9]

Other Related Persons

1867/2/26  Hansard's daughter, Mary Elizabeth, 22 year-old, married with Alfred Thomas Watkins, a son of Thomas Watkins, of West Brompton, at St.George's Hanover Sq. London. [Times Feb.28; Daily Japan Herald May, OPCS Marriage Certification]

1867 A.T.Watkins, son-in-law of A.W.Hansard, came to Japan and reqired the partnership with JH from Black. But afterwards Watkins moved to Kobe.

1868/1/4  Watkins establsihed a weekly newspaper, The Hiogo and Osaka Herald, which became the first Engish paper in Kansai District. Watkins is said to have joined the service to South Africa and died there aroundo 1882-84. 

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