myCFD Code Development

High-Efficiency Code

In order to achieve carbon neutrality, a hydrogen society is expected to be realized. The prevention of detonation accidents is, therefore, an important issue, and numerical analysis (CFD) is being carried out to understand the characteristics and mechanisms of detonation. However, there are four issues to be solved to carry out detailed numerical simulations of detonation.

  1. Coupling of compressible fluid and chemical reactions;
  2. Handling of high temperature and high pressure;
  3. Detailed chemical reactions; and
  4. Reduction of computational cost.

As a result, there are not many commercial solvers that can perform detailed detonation analysis, and it is not possible to modify the code. Therefore, we developed a CFD code "MyCFD" which enables detailed detonation analysis, is highly accurate, supports complex geometries, and can be calculated on a supercomputer. In particular, the Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) and Embedded Boundary (EB) methods provided by the AMReX library are expected to make a significant contribution to the generation of complex geometries required in detonation analysis and to the reduction of calculation costs. In addition, the MACKS ethod adopted in the chemical reaction calculations can significantly reduce the computational cost and provide more accurate calculations than the conventional methods.