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★Affiliation/Status:Depertment of Engineering and Applied Science, Faculty of Science and Engineering, 
Professor, Dr.(Eng.

★Research Themes:

Visualization of Hydrogen and Deuterium in Materials
Delayed Fracture and Existing States of Hydrogen in High-Strength Steels
Environmental Embrittlement of Vitreous Silica Fiber
Photocatalysis Materials
Environmental Embrittlement of Ceramics
Hydrogen Existing States in Titanium Alloys

★Research Performance:
Published Papers  


【Undergraduate school】 Industrial Materials & Processing Material Reaction Engineering
Material Science
【Graduate School】 Advanced Material Engineering Material Engineering


Address 7-1 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8554, Japan
Affiliation Dept. of Engineering and Applied Science, Facuty of Science and Technology,Sophia University
Name Kenichi TAKAI



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